Copyright of Ngadi Smart

Copyright of Ngadi Smart

Ngadi Smart

Illustrator and Visual Artist

Ngadi Smart is a West African Visual Artist, with a focus in Illustration and Photography.

Having lived and studied Art & Design in the U.K, Canada (at OCADU) and the Ivory Coast, she has also always had an interest in a broad spectrum of cultures and subcultures, as well as a love for connecting with people from all over the world.  

That, combined with a love for the Arts, Fashion, and a lifelong obsession with documenting everything around her, has propelled her to start projects such as "The EyeMuse Project", a Photography and Illustration global project which aims to capture first hand the trends, culture and lifestyle of a city through the subject's intimate setting of choice. 

Therefore, her work has long been focused on people's expression of Identity, notably self-Identity through Fashion, and as of late, Black sensuality from an African lens and point of view, always aiming to show as many representations of African people, and what it means to be African.

She has also recently photographed a series for the upcoming Ivorian edition of Nice Magazine (which is a Young African Photographers' collaborative magazine spearheaded by Photographer Flurina Rothenberger) on the social constructions surrounding African male and female identities. You can now catch her work published in MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora, an anthology celebrating the work of 100 Women Photographers of African Descent, South Africa’s Livingspace Magazine (September 2018 Issue), and Gay Times Magazine (October 2018 issue), and Reportagen Magazine (January 2019 Issue).




CAPIC's Rodeo 4 Competition Top 50 images  (The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators)